About us

We are a family of 4 (at the moment:) ) My husband, Armand, myself, Anastasia, baby Lucia and Rafa (our labradoodle puppy). We moved here 6 years ago from a tiny village in South of France where we met and got married. Armand is Spanish from Barcelona, Spain and I am from Moscow, Russia.

Homemade Jam is a taste of my childhood, my grandma used to prepare those from fresh fruits from our garden in summer and we had enough to enjoy the whole year around during cold winters. Especially, I remember the warm evenings with hot tea and jams on homemade cookies or pirogies. Armand on the other hand is used to Spanish way of eating jams for breakfast with a toast or a freshly baked croissant from the bakery around the corner.

Whichever way you like them, our jams are all about the home feel. Based on grandma’s recipe it is all about making it tasty but healthy for the kids:)

Two things we care about:

  1. Only fresh fruit collected at the harvest.

  2. Natural flavor with less sugar (and only the two ingredients: sugar and fruit no preservatives or added flavors).

Excited to share our California Jams and hope you enjoy them as much as we do!