Fruit Collection in Marin County

 For us it all started with our plum tree. We had so many plums that we started cooking jam. From just one tree we cooked more than 100 jars! We met many neighbors in a similar situation - they didn't know what to do with all the fruit. 

With this program we will collect your fruit, turn it into delicious jam and give you some jars!

To do so, simply reach out to us here on our website or at

Example 1: Mirabelle Plum from the house next door

Our neighbor in Larkspur has a beautiful Mirabelle Plum tree that gives a lot of plums. From one branch that comes to our backyard we cooked 16 jars of delicious jam! We then gave them one of them and this was their surprise and response 😇 We look forward to cook way more jam next year from their tree!


Example 2: A neighbor from Greenbrae gave us Quince!

 When we announced our new adventure on Nextdoor, one of the neighbors in Greenbrae came to our place and gave us some quince! She said she had too much of it in her backyard and didn't know what to do with it. We gave her some delicious jars after which she loved!


and this is the final result!